Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Frightening Costume

I looked simply ridiculous. You have to be immensely comfortable with your manhood to wear a Bert work, and........into a gas station. When it's not even Halloween.

As you are well aware, Halloween was on a Saturday this year. But I couldn't break my streak of dressing up at work for Halloween. One year I was a nerd (I know, not much of a stretch). Another year, a rapper. This year - Bert from Sesame Street fame. Therefore.....costume on Friday. It was a challenge fighting all the hot babes off me. Understandably, girls go wild for a guy wearing a Bert costume.

This year Danica was a devil. We pulled out the Halloween bin and she fell in love with this costume which my mom made for me when I was Danica's age. Ahhh, how sentimental.

In the break room a few days ago people were talking about saving old Halloween costumes. I said that Danica was wearing a devil costume that I wore as a kid. I commented that this costume seemed fittingly appropriate for her.

Without hesitation, a witty nurse said "I'm sure your mother thought the same thing when she was making the costume for you."


Marie Says Yes said...

you are a real man, cory. now if only you can rub some of that halloween spirit off on ben... let me know if you find a way!

Paul Cardall said...

Burt - classic!