Monday, June 8, 2009

Given My Life Back

I’d like to bear my testimony about Kenalog shots. Three weeks ago I reached the peak of my misery due to allergies. My throat felt like I swallowed automotive parts, my eyes felt like someone removed them from my head and rubbed them on a chalk board, and I was going through Kleenex like nobody’s business. I was beyond miserable.

Then I visited Dr. Worwood, my angel of mercy. He said that doctors don’t really like to use Kenalog anymore because there are so many other allergy medications with less potential side effects. But….since I tried everything in the book, he said he thought it would probably be a good idea.

There are a bunch of possible side effects, but at that point, I was willing to let him cut off my thumbs if he thought it would help.

Since then, my eyes don’t itch and water! We don’t have to allocate money from the family budget for tissues! Life is glorious and beautiful. We have unicorns in the back yard and leprechauns frolic with my children. Thank you, Kenalog, for returning my life back to me.

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