Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend In Moab

The wife and I spent our 11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (wow-we're old) at Moab and took Jackson along for the ride. The weekend was perfect (except for the extensive number of mosquito bites I brought home with me). Some highlights of the trip were:

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park: Mesa Arch at sunrise is a photographer's paradise. I had people near me from Britain who came for this shot. I had been to Mesa Arch previously for two sunrises but rain spoiled the picture both times. Fortunately, third time's the charm. The price for this alarm clock at 4:30am.

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park: Mel had never been to Arches, and you can't go without seeing this icon. It was very, very windy. Especially near the arch. If I wore a toupee that sucker would have been long gone.

Turret Arch through the North Window in Arches: This is also a highly coveted shot for photographers. In order to get Turret Arch through the North Window you have to climb up a ledge that is a little scary for a sissy like me who is afraid of heights. The price for this picture was also a 4:30am alarm clock.

Sand Dune: We found a huge sand dune that Jackson was determined to reach the top of. (That is a semi and some cars at the bottom of the hill.) I was surprised and impressed that he made it. Understandably, this is how he felt when he reached the top:

Corona Arch: This is probably my favorite hike in Moab. It takes about three hours and isn't in Arches so it's not as populated. The scenery is beautiful. When we reached the arch, a group of brave souls were repelling off the top of the arch. Just watching them made my stomach queasy.

I'm already anxious for the next time we can make a trip that direction. I will be well-prepared with a hefty supply of bug spray.

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Dansie Family said...

great pictures. and it looks like it was great fun too.