Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marc Cohn Concert Review

We've been driving a lot lately and Mel decided she wasn't up for another trip to Salt Lake so she nominated our 5 year old, Danica to go to the Marc Cohn concert with me. The weather during the whole drive was horrendous. It was so rainy and blowing so hard that I considered it a real possibility that the car would be carried away and dropped in Munchkin land.
Why does that matter you ask? Because it was an outdoor concert. I had no doubt the show would be cancelled. It was a complete downpour. We showed up at the Sandy Ampitheater about 45 minutes before the concert and a miracle happened.....the clouds cleared. The show went on without a hitch.

And who, you ask, is Marc Cohn? Don't make me come over there. His most popular song "Walking In Memphis" was part of an album that earned him a Grammy. Without going into all the gory details, suffice it to say the concert was stunning. I thought to myself as I held Dani on my lap listening to amazing music that there was nowhere else I'd rather be.

After the show we were able to talk with Marc a bit. He was very kind to Danica, and asked her name and if he could shake her hand.

Me and Marc Cohn are BFFs.

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