Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How To Cause Trouble At Dillard's

Yesterday I got an email from my old friend Steve who I haven’t seen for around twelve years. Hearing from him reminded me of one of the funniest events I have ever been part of.

I met Steve when I worked at Dillard’s for a few months before college. We sold overpriced shirts and watches together. I loved hanging out with Steve because he was a trouble maker at the store and was always pushing the limits.

One day we were wandering around Dillard’s and came across a hidden door on the second floor. Being the curious boys we were, we went inside. We obviously weren’t supposed to be there.

Before us was a cluttered room of mannequins, hangers, and other random things that managers didn’t know what to do with. This was the junk drawer of Dillard’s. But we saw behind the clutter, an object which seemed to glow with wonder and heavenly delight:


It was December amid the Christmas rush of the mall. Soft, festive Christmas music was on constant repeat.

Steve was quitting after Christmas to go to college, and wanted to go out with a bang. The store intercom system immediately came to mind. Remember how I said he was always pushing the limits? A plan was devised and launched on his last day at Dillard’s.

At a predetermined time I distracted the manager to free up Steve who headed for the secret room……WITH A METALLICA CD IN HAND!!!!

Suddenly the cheery “Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas” switched to loud heavy metal playing over the store intercom. Talk about trying to ruin Christmas.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Steve as he bolted out the door and I nearly hyperventilated from laughing so hard. Thankfully my part in the plot was never discovered.

A finer time has never been had inside a Dillard’s store.

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Tink said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! I needed a good laugh today! That is too funny!