Saturday, June 14, 2008

Help Wanted

I have a friend named Luke who decided to spend his Saturday helping a recent widow give her yard an overhaul. He could have spent today fishing, or working in his own yard, or planting his rear in front of the TV for crying out loud. Instead he decided to help someone in need. I saw Luke this morning as he was on his way to unload a truck full of branches. He stopped to talk for a minute and said that he tries to serve whenever he can because he hopes that if he's willing to help other people, maybe God will look past some of his imperfections or forgive him for the mistakes he makes.

For someone like me who has lots of room for improvement and makes more than my share of mistakes, I need to work on being more like Luke. I actually think Luke is right. My bet is that God is going to be alot quicker to help us out if we're looking for opportunies ourselves to serve others around us. I'm going to look harder for situations where I can help. Will you too?

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MAGNETO said...

Cory D Reese, I have some weeds that need to be pulled and would be a good service project if your son would stop chomping in my ear I would be happy too!