Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Love Gems TV!

Our TV gets a mind of its own at night. It suddenly changes the channel, then changes it back, then stops the show we’re watching – you get the point. Well, three nights ago, our TV turned itself to channel 229. I didn’t even know we had channel 229. Apparently we do. Turns out channel 229 is something called Gems TV.

Gems TV is hour upon hour of people modeling jewelry and selling it at rock bottom prices. Gems TV is like a car wreck. You want to turn away but you just can’t do it. And why, you ask, “can’t I turn away?” (You can pretend you just asked that.)

These sales people are absolutely hilarious. They’re not trying to be. They just are. And they always have conversations with crew members off screen. The problem is that you can’t hear those people. You only hear the jewelry model. Therefore, the conversation you hear goes like this: “Oh, really?”….. “How did that happen?”…… “That’s okay, we can still work with it.”…… “Monday should be good.” And then they’re back to talking about the gems.

The other great part of Gems TV is the background music. It’s not something soft and mellow. It’s not something peaceful. Noooo way amigo! It’s upbeat techno music!! I’ve seen my wife work out to music like this before. I’m impressed that a program has been created where people are able to order jewelry and exercise at the same time.

Here is a little taste of what you’re missing if you don’t have Gems TV.

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