Friday, June 13, 2008

Phantom Rings

I keep my cell phone in my pocket, and often keep it on vibrate so as to avoid having everyone within a one-block radius hear my phone ring. Unfortunately this has caused an occasional problem apparently referred to as a “phantom ring”. I’ll be sitting at my desk working and feel my phone vibrating. Frighteningly, when I go to answer it, I realize that there was no call in the first place. I was the victim of a phantom ring: thinking (and actually feeling) my phone vibrates when it really didn’t!

I started to wonder if I had developed a neurological problem, or restless leg syndrome, or male pattern baldness (alright, I lied about that one), or some sort of evil psychological problem.

Then I heard TWO of my brother-in-laws say that they get phantom rings all the time too! Now, at least if I’ve developed a horrific psychological problem, two other people have that problem too. I just hope the phantom ring doesn’t develop into something life-threatening, or something more serious. Like male pattern baldness.

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Jen said...

Alex thought the phone was ringing on his knee the other day. And I had the cell phone.