Monday, June 30, 2008

West Nile Virus

Problem: Long day at work
Solution: Make someone pay for asking me how I'm doing when they really don't care
Victim: Ella, checker at the grocery store

Ella: "Hello, how are you doing?"
Cory: "Well, okay. I just found out I have West Nile Virus."

From here the conversation got fun. Ella responded to my potentially deadly disease the same way she would have if I had told her I just won $200,000 in Vegas. She muttered phrases such as "Really?", "Wow!", and "That's surprising!". I'm sure she didn't mean to seem intrigued as though she was talking to a celebrity. She was just caught off guard. After all, how would you respond if someone told you out of the blue that they had West Nile Virus?

Then I had to turn up the heat on the fibbing when she asked what the symptoms of West Nile Virus are. If I had West Nile Virus, I'd imagine my symptoms would be fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and a rash. Therefore, that's what I said.

It was great fun to have this conversation over the checkout counter. I recognized that this is how nasty rumors get spread. I couldn't help it though. It peppered my life with excitement. My mind will now remain busy with more responses for people when they ask how I'm doing.

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