Saturday, August 23, 2008

Allyson Felix Has Skinny Legs

I saw another cool Olympic moment a few nights ago. An American runner named Allyson Felix was talking about how kids always made fun of her in school and teased her because her legs were so skinny. But instead of laying the smack down and saying "Look at me now jerks! I'm winning medals in the Olympics! Do you want me to help you remove your big fat foot out of your mouth?!?", she took another approach. She said:

"I think back to those kids on the playground. I just want to thank them for motivating me to do great things."

(I know that's what she said because I thought it was so cool I wrote it down.) Instead of whining and complaining about her childhood woes, she used those challenges to fuel her. She has mastered the old adage "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Talk about a good life lesson on how to handle the challenges we have in our lives.


champy said...

My personal variant is: "When life deals you kittens. . . make Kitten-Aid." Lets be honest, how often does someone just come and deal you lemons? But people are always trying to foist kittens on their "friends."

The Christensen's said...

Cory, I know you probably totally don't remember me...but I was one of Kenny's best (girl) friends in Elementary. I am also Jeff Lovell's little sister and found your blog off of Mandy Coopers...Hope you don't mind.
Really random but Kenny's Father in Law just happened to be my Husbands professor at USU and I saw a picture of Kenny and His wife at their house...any way...I know you are probably wondering where I am getting at with this...and I myself am not quite sure, but I wondered if by chance Kenny might have a blog and if not maybe you can tell him hello from me.
I am really interested in your CD's and I am totally impressed with your talent...way to go!