Monday, August 4, 2008

Dad Party Day Three

Dad Party Day Three was a little mellower than previous days. One slight snag in today’s Dad Party is the fact that my throat feels like I swallowed a porcupine. He’s currently doing summersaults near my Adam’s apple. Grrrr. We did the park again this morning, and then just took it easy around the house. I got a little nap which was nice.

You want to know something else that’s been nice about having Mel gone? Five words: Leaving The Toilet Seat Up. I haven’t gotten guff about that for three days! I’m generally a considerate male who puts the toilet seat down so no females end up sitting in water, although it does seem a bit sexist that males are always the ones having to adjust the toilet seat instead of females. If it minimizes guff though, I’m willing to do it.

I got a music order today from someone in Canada who said that a friend sent them my CD from Iran (Iran!?!) who got it from a friend of hers in the Czech Republic (Czech Republic!?!). Crazy. I want written in my obituary “He had a fan of his music in Iran.”

The excitement of the day came from Jackson losing a tooth. He has seriously been wiggling this tooth ten hours a day for the last three days. We finished up the day with a movie and anticipation of Mom being home tomorrow.

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