Friday, August 1, 2008

Dad Party Day Two

Dad Party Day Two went really well. I’m coming to realize that sleeping in is not one of the perks of Dad Parties. After some time on the exercise bike I joined the kids in coloring some pictures. In the afternoon we stopped by the library and happened to walk in at the exact moment that a magic show was starting. Although the kids looked like orphans, I decided to let them be seen in public anyway. The magic show was a hit.

We got a pizza for lunch and headed to the park to have a picnic and play. By this time the temperature outside had equaled that of a pizza oven, but the red faces were a small price to pay for time at the playground.

Later in the day, I became a hero in the Reese household (and to the neighbor boy) when we heard the ice cream man coming down the road, and “put some bread in his jar”. Granted, I shelled out $7 for some frozen treats but the kids were almost as excited as when we told them we were going to Disneyland.

The day concluded with dinner and a trip to the splash pad. Over the course of the day I managed to 1) do the dishes, 2) cook dinner (better than last night), 3) do a load of laundry, 4) get the whole upstairs, (which was previously a tornado disaster zone) cleaned spotless with the help of three little kids, and 5) vacuum the house. I AM MR. MOM.

Lessons learned from Dad Party Day Two:

1) I could be a stay-at-home dad and love it.

2) It’s much easier to get the house cleaned when you make it fun and be willing to help out instead of just telling the kids to go clean up.

3) It’s nice to have a wife around for moral support, and to be there for an adult conversation, and to cook good food, and to have someone to laugh with, and to have someone to wrangle kids when I’m worn out, and to have someone who would smile and support paying $7 for ice cream.


Cooper Family said...

woo-hoo for you! way to be mr. mom. your kids are so lucky.

Dansie Family said...

i always usher the kids in when i hear the truck in the neighborhood. the guy kind of scares me.