Monday, August 4, 2008

Dad Party Day Four

Our trusty internet has been down for a few days delaying our Dad Party updates, so here you go:

We started the final day of the Dad Party with a lemonade stand. Jackson had been talking about it for days and we figured Saturday might be a good day to do it. He had everything elaborately planned out. Sadly, after an hour, the kids had sold three cups and the heat had done them in. I decided to buy them out and paid them each fifty cents. The Dansie’s also contributed a dollar to the cause which was really nice. The kids were happy about that.

For lunch we went to McDonald’s and the kids played in the Germ Zone. Oops. I mean, Play Zone. Truth be told, I took them there for a selfish reason. My body was begging for a fatty, calorie-infested, artery-clogging, greasy Big Mac. My body begs for one every few months. I can’t help it.

Against the resistance of some pre-schooler/ kindergartener / second-grader attitude we managed to get the house cleaned up before Mel’s arrival. The Dad Party was like a long vacation: you’re glad you get to do it, and you’re glad when it’s done. Welcome Home Mel!


Dansie Family said...

you gave the kids way more than their dollar's worth. they are still nursing those lemonades.

Dansie Family said...

oh and you need to give tom some tips. i leave for ny on friday and will be gone until tuesday. we'll see if he fares as well as you.