Friday, August 29, 2008

Musician Paranoia

I just returned from a trip to Salt Lake to record cello for the new CD with Steven Sharp Nelson (more about the recording process another day when I’m not so tired).

I was a tad paranoid during my four and half hours sitting in the car as my mind thought about the recording session. I thought about how amazing Steve sounded, and worried that maybe the microphones picked up nothing but static (which has happened before). The logical side of me knows this is irrational because I heard the music through the headphones as it was being recorded.

I worried about a computer or external hard drive malfunction, and the fact that literally countless hours of work on the new album hang precariously inside a piece of plastic and metal called a flash drive.

From what I can gather, all musicians are paranoid about stuff like this. We pour our hearts, souls, time, money, and creativity into songs and baby them like we’re raising a child. I’m going to the laptop now to listen to the songs and make sure my paranoia was unfounded.

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