Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saturday Night Sleep-Over

On Saturday a bad noise started in our house. It sounded like our air conditioner was in labor. Or in the process of turning into a gorilla. Or having really bad diarrhea. Or preparing to meet it's maker. Then it died.

In case you weren't aware, southern Utah has been hovering around 108 degrees during the day. Without the luxury of an air conditioner, it doesn't take long before your clothes are sticking to you like to got dunked in rubber cement.

We tried to sleep in our house Saturday night. Despite our strong will, it just wasn't meant to happen. Our girls came downstairs with dripping foreheads. Yea, we had a grande sleep-over at Mel's sister's house that night (thanks Matt and Renee!). Thanks to a good friend, we finally got the air conditioner fixed and were able to sleep in our own house Sunday night.

Next time an appliance has to go out in the middle of the summer, I nominate the toaster.


Jen said...

Ha ha. Ours died the other day, but luckily it was just the breaker. Whew.

Dansie Family said...

that is our house every night, only it is our choice. poor james is the sweatiest. he hasn't quite acclimatized to sleeping in 86 degrees. to the rest of us, it's not that bad and it just makes 83 during the day feel that much better.