Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wanna Bet?

A few nights ago, during a commercial break from the Olympics, I switched channels and found something on television that was worse than "America's Got Talent". I didn't think such a show existed, but now I know better.

The show is called "Wanna Bet?" I only saw three minutes of the show which consisted of four washed up "celebrities" betting whether or not a moving crew could fit a bunch of couches into a truck in under three minutes. Out of the four "celebrities", I had never heard of two of them. I recognized one from a very small part he had in a movie. It was such a significant part that I don't know what movie it was. The fourth "celebrity" was Tom Green who was cool on MTV. Ten years ago. Librarians are bigger celebrities than these guys.

I mourn for the status of television once the Olympics are over.


Cooper Family said...

if you are a stay at home dad do you want to hang out and watch cubs games? Then when I'm asked "What do you do all day?" I can tell them how easy it is...... "I just watch cubs game with my friend all day, you should try it somethime!"

Cory Reese said...

I'd love to! Can we work in some Chinese food from Pei Wei between innings?