Monday, August 25, 2008

The Redeem Team

I am really sad the Olympics are over. I have welcomed the lost sleep in return for the excitement, inspiration, and enjoyment of the games. The biggest dagger in the back was when NBC ran a commercial for the much-anticipated return of "America's Got Talent" RIGHT after the Olympics ended. Ugh. That's like going from eating cheesecake to eating scrap metal. Pitiful.

I got goosebumps listening to the National Anthem as the USA's "Redeem Team" won gold in basketball. I was also touched by the act of the players who felt it wasn't fair that their coach Mike Krzyzewski didn't get a medal, so every player put their medal around his neck in a showing of gratitude.

I'm looking forward to the baseball playoffs starting soon so that at least one thing of value will be on the television.

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