Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Up North

We just returned from a relaxing trip to northern Utah. I had a few minor things for work, but then also got to have some fun in Salt Lake and Park City. Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Mackie, and Mel's sister Angie, Mel and I had two days where we didn't have to get food for three little mouths before getting our own meals. Two days of shopping without whining (I admit, I did whine a little about the shopping). Two days where we could take a nap on OUR schedule. We got to see a movie without wondering if the kids would make it through. It was glorious. It was glorious.

When we were in Salt Lake Mel and I also went to a concert by a group called Remedy Drive. We got to meet the lead singer and drummer before the show which was cool. Here is a video of their new song called Daylight. I guarantee you a CD that you'll like it. Go ahead - give it a try.

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